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Organisers hope for peaceful protests at Democrat convention

Organisers hope for peaceful protests at Democrat convention
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Ahead of this week’s Democrat convention in Charlotte , activists have begun massing outside the venue. Deprived of making a impact at the Republican’s recent gathering in Florida due to tropical storm Isaac, protesters have already held their pre-march demo.

All causes from anti-war and immigration reform to breaking up the large banks were represented.

“ At least Republicans admit it. Under Bush, he stood up there and he said, ‘I am going to kill people’. Obama’s standing up there and saying, ‘I love everybody’, but in the meantime there are bombs dropping all over the Middle East under his name,” said a woman protester.

A young student added: “ People feel really frustrated and rejected by the political system that politicians of both parties aren’t doing anything to represent the interests of people and at the end of the day are representing the interests of these same banks and corporations here in Charlotte.”

The protest organisers are seeking to distance their efforts from those of the anarchist movement, which in recent years has destroyed property and disrupted activities at major political events.

A strong police presence is on show nevertheless..