Firefighters battle on against Malaga blaze

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Firefighters battle on against Malaga blaze

Firefighters battle on against Malaga blaze
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Firefighters are continuing to battle huge fires on Spain’s Costa del Sol.

They are being supported by at least 30 planes and helicopters, as well as emergency military staff.

One person has died and several thousand have been evacuated in Malaga and the surrounding area.

The victim has been identified as a 78-year-old British man.

One Malaga resident told of her heartbreak as the flames engulfed her home.

“We need help because we don’t have anything. I’ve lost everything during the fire. I don’t have a job. Nothing. I need help,” she said.

Authorities are as yet unsure what caused the fire.

Jose Antonio Griña, the leader of the regional government of Andalusia, has so refused to rule out that it was started deliberately.

The blaze has already consumed at least 1,500 hectares of woodland.

It is now advancing through a forest towards the nearby Sierra Blanca mountains.