Syria's Day After project

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Syria's Day After project

Syria's Day After project
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As Syrian rebels sing praises to Allah as their war goes on, other of the Assad regime’s detractors continue preparing for what may come out of the conflict.

A project dubbed ‘The Day After’ is a proposal just made public which offers suggestions on how to emerge from today’s chaos, pain and destruction.

Complied by opposition representatives and unaffiliated figures inside Syria and from the diaspora, it hopes to address what has so far been perceived as a lack of unified vision for the country’s future.

euronews spoke to one of the project’s authors, in Berlin.

Amr Al-Azm said: “The real work is how to we rebuild the country. This is a country which is going through a cataclysmic process – the destruction, the warfare, the killing, the death toll – all of this has to be accounted for. Also remember: this is an economy that has all but collapsed; we have to keep the hospitals working, we have to pay the salaries, we have to make sure there is law and order, security, etc., and all of these things have to be addressed to make sure these things won’t be left to chance otherwise there will be chaos.”

Anticipating the fall of President Assad, opposition minds are considering the challenges that possible alternative government figures will face.

The Day After project looks at aspects such as the rule of law, transitional justice, constitutional and electoral reform, economic restructuring and social policy.

Amr Al-Azm said: “This is a set of ideas and information. It is not by far the only source. There are other efforts by other groups, also trying to put forward answers or information, to help a transitional government, whatever or whoever that may be in the future. So, we don’t see ourselves as being the only providers of such information, nor do we see ourselves as providers of the final answer.”

Several foreign ministries, NGOs and institutes have contributed to funding the project’s activities.

The Day After has also urged the international community to ensure a no-fly zone in Syria, protection for the refugees and heavy weapons for the rebels.

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