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Santos confirms peace talks to begin with FARC

Santos confirms peace talks to begin with FARC
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Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos could secure himself a place in history after confirming talks are to begin with the FARC rebel group which could lead to formal peace negotiations.

The news comes after rumours began circulating of secret meetings in the Cuban capital Havana between government representatives and members of the drug funded guerrillas.

According to Colombian media chief Jorge Botero, the formal talks are due to be held in October in Oslo. “Then both sides will return to Havana and begin negotiations. The aim is not to leave the table until they have a deal,” said Botero.

Previous talks held between 1998-2002 failed.

Colombian forces have achieved a number of successes against the group in recent times, hunting down and killing leaders and arresting others.

But FARC appear to be stepping up their campaign of violence against Colombian infrastructure targets.

The left-wing rebels have been engaged in anti-government violence for 50 years.