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Kissing means a huge commitment in Ukraine

Kissing means a huge commitment in Ukraine
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Sleeping beauties taking part in an installation art exhibition in Ukraine face serious consequences if they wake up when being kissed – they have to marry the kisser.

The five women taking part have signed a contract legally committing them to tie the knot with the prince charming should they open their eyes during the kiss.

It may seem much more of a risk for the women than the men but then you never know:

“I suppose I can find my ‘prince charming’ during this project, said one 23-year-old woman.

Anyone who views the exhibition has to sign the same contract as the models and men are only allowed the kiss the women once.

The artist insists that people who sign up must be single, at least 18 years old and must seriously intend to marry their prince or princess.

He says that he hopes more men than women will come to the show to make it more interesting for the beauties.

The event has until September 9 to produce a fairytale ending.