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Syria activists claim 200 killed 'execution style'

Syria activists claim 200 killed 'execution style'
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Arab League chief Nabil El Araby has admitted the situation in Syria is going from bad to worse.

His comments come after activists accused the Syrian army of carrying out a massacre in Daraya, southwest of the capital Damascus.

“The situation in Syria is going from bad to worse, that issue haunts the conscience of every person in the world, especially the Arab League,” he said.

“Imagine the situation where one Syrian gets killed, then consider the hundreds we can see.”

Unconfirmed reports suggest that more than 200 people were killed ‘execution-style’ during house-to-house raids by the Syrian army in Daraya.

It is impossible to verify claims by either side because of restrictions on international media.

But a pro-government TV channel has blamed ‘terrorists’ for the killings.

The station interviewed a woman who claimed that armed men warned her that government forces were on their way to kill her. She said that her family decided to stay and, sometime later, the army turned up and took them to a safety in a car.

Activists say Daraya, a working class Sunni Muslim town, sustained three days of heavy bombardment before being overrun.

An opposition network LCC claimed forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad had killed a total of 440 people across Syria on Saturday alone.

Meanwhile Syria’s Vice President Farouq al-Sharaa made his first public appearance on Sunday, ending speculation that he had defected and fled to Jordan.