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Botched fresco draws crowds to Spanish town

Botched fresco draws crowds to Spanish town
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While Paris draws crowds with the Mona Lisa, a Spanish town is pulling in visitors with a disfigured fresco of Jesus Christ.

The painting, in a church in Borja, near Zaragoza, recently took on a new look – when an elderly parishioner decided to touch it up.

“I don’t find it unpleasant. The painting was beautiful before, but I also like this one,” said one woman.
Another commented: “How famous it has become, they should have done it before.”

While some may like the facelift, others say the botched restoration attempt has left the man looking more like a monkey.

The 19th century painting is now one of the most talked about, becoming an internet hit and making headlines around the world.

Those keen to see it for themselves have been swelling crowds in Borja, where religious festivities are currently taking place.

Cultural officials accept the parishioner took out her brush with the best intentions.

A group of professional art restorers is expected to arrive in the town on Monday, to see if there is anything experts can do to repair the painting.