Timeline of Breivik's deadly Norway attacks

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Timeline of Breivik's deadly Norway attacks

Timeline of Breivik's deadly Norway attacks
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- On July 22, 2011, Anders Breivik sets off almost a thousand kilos of explosive fertiliser outside the government offices in Oslo.

- This kills eight people, wounds many more.

- It is just before half past three in the afternoon.

- Breivik then drives to the island of Utoeya, some 40 kilometres northwest of the capital.

- There is a camp at Utoeya, where after a brief ferry crossing he begins shooting people.

- The camp is organised by the Workers’ Youth League, a division of the Norwegian Labour Party – senior partner in the government.

- It has just gone twenty past five when Breivik first opens fire.

- He is dressed as a policeman.

- He takes the lives of 69 people here, most of them teenagers.

- Although the alarm is raised minutes after the killing begins, it is not until nearly half past six that counter-terrorist police – the Emergency Response Unit – arrive on the island.

- Soon the world learns that Breivik is aged 32 [then] and the son of a former diplomat.

- A personal manifesto he has written comes to light, in which he condemns what he calls an Islamisation of Europe. A nationalist, he speaks of Norwegian ethnic purity and fighting against “cultural Marxists/multiculturalists”.

- An official report on the attacks is finally submitted.

- It cites dysfunction and lists mistakes by police and intelligence services which allowed Breivik to prolong his killing.

- Norway’s police chief resigns after the report.

- Breivik had phoned the emergency number himself, and when the special squad got to the camp he quietly gave himself up.

- Survivors, families of victims and thousands more Norwegians gather one year later.

- They are reminded of committing to a diverse and egalitarian society.