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Dozens slaughtered in Kenyan village

Dozens slaughtered in Kenyan village
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Attackers armed with machetes and spears have killed at least 48 people in ethnic clashes in south-eastern Kenya.

Most of those who died were women and children who were with either hacked to death or burnt alive in their huts.

The raid was part of a long running dispute between the area’s Pokomo and Orma groups over grazing land and water.

Survivors described what happened:

“They attacked us at about five in the morning, the entire area was surrounded and some of them had weapons that a villager would not have. Those who tried to run away were surrounded and killed.”

“Some of them entered one of the houses, There were more than 300 attackers. They started burning everything and even killing cattle.”

There has been a long-standing feud between these two communities. In 2001, a series of clashes between the Orma and Pokomo left at least 130 dead in the same region.