The Assange case: The saga so far

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The Assange case: The saga so far

The Assange case: The saga so far
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Days after his asylum request was accepted by Ecuador, Julian Assange still needs to escape extradition to Sweden.

But the Wikileaks founder claims his real enemy is the US. According to his supporters, his problems really began in 2010, when his website leaked
hundreds of thousands of secret US documents.

Washington and its allies were incensed.

Months later, Assange was arrested in Britain after a worldwide arrest warrant was issued by Sweden.
He was wanted in Stockholm for questioning over rape allegations.

The 41-year old was held in custody at a British jail for 10 days before being released on bail while the Swedish extradition request was considered.

Assange has maintained that he would eventually be sent to the US although Washington has distanced itself from his case.

In November last year, Britain’s High Court upheld Assange’s extradition ruling. An appeal was later rejected by the Supreme Court, which ruled that he must be tried in Sweden.

In June this year, Assange requested political asylum in Ecuador after seeking refuge at their embassy in London. It was granted on Thursday.

But the issue of how to get from the embassy building to the South American country without stepping foot on British soil remains.