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Hungarian MEP pushed to resign

Hungarian MEP pushed to resign
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A far-right Hungarian MEP is being pressured to resign from his post in Brussels. This comes on the heels of revelations that Csanad Szegedi from the anti-semitic Jobbik Party, is in fact Jewish himself. His grandfather was a veteran of the forced labour camps and his grandmother was an Auschwitz survivor. Szegedi, who was a rising star in the extreme right Jobbik Party, is notorious for his inflamatory attacks on Jews but in the wake of the revelations, has resigned from the party.

Jobbik now say they want him to quit as MEP over bribery allegations.

In a complete turn-around, Szegedi has now met with a rabbi, who reports that the ex-politician has apologised for his Anti-Semitism, and promised to go to Auschwitz and pay his respects to the dead.