London 2012 Closing Ceremony: Read all about it!

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London 2012 Closing Ceremony: Read all about it!

London 2012 Closing Ceremony: Read all about it!
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The London 2012 Olympics came to an end after many victories, triumphs, tears and record breaking performances. The grand closing ceremony celebrated British music with performers such as The Who, Annie Lennox and the Spice Girls before the torch was passed on to Rio, the nation to host the next Olympic Games. Below are a few of the media reactions to the closing ceremony:

“With a miniature London constructed inside the Olympic Stadium and more than 4,000 performers taking part, the Closing Ceremony at the London Olympics was quite the spectacle”- The Huffington Post.

“The 2012 London Games came to a close Sunday, but not before sending the Olympic flame to Rio de Janeiro in true spectacular fashion” –

“London bade a flamboyant and madcap farewell to the Olympic Games with a romp through British pop and fashion, bringing the curtain down on more than two weeks of action that ended with America topping the sporting world with 46 gold medals” –

“The London 2012 closing ceremony kicked off with a typically British mass singalong Sunday to bring the curtain down on an Olympic Games that have retained the feel good factor throughout” – Times of India.

“The great festival that began with the stirring resonances of Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony came to a poignant end with a light-hearted pageant of British popular culture”- The Guardian.

“With a little British pomp and a lot of British pop, London brought the curtain down on a glorious Olympic Games on Sunday in a spectacular, technicolor pageant of landmarks, lightshows and lots of fun” – CBS News.

“The city triumphed in putting on a show rich in human spirit at its most optimistic that will shine with luminosity in the collective memory long after the extinguishing of the flame” –

“London, you didn’t half do a decent job” – Sydney Morning Herald.

“London said farewell to the Olympic Games on Sunday with a high-octane romp through British pop music, bringing the curtain down on more than two weeks of action at the end of which the United States topped the sporting world with 46 gold medals” – China Daily.

And on Twitter…:

Kyla Ross, American Olympic gymnast: “The London Olympics are coming to a close….however this moment will never be forgotten .”

Garrett Weber-Gale, American Olympic Swimmer: “Olympians work there entire lives for 1 moment 2 fulfill their dream. It’s been an honor cheering them all on the past 2 weeks.”

Ian Thorpe, former Olympic swimming champion: “Can’t believe it’s all over. This has been one of the greatest Olympic Games. Well done to all the volunteers and athletes.”

Piers Morgan, CNN broadcaster: “What a Games! Congrats to everyone involved – athletes, police, volunteers, armed forces, and yes, even the politicians. #PrideOfBritain.”

Ryan Napoleon, Australian Olympics 2012 swimmer: “Closing ceremony last night! Had a blast… Can’t believe it’s over.”

Bradley James, English actor: “Can’t speak on behalf of my generation, but I’ve been inspired. Great Britain you make me proud #London2012”

Lady Gaga, American pop artist- “The Olympics is the best ever. But I went through a whole pack of tissues last night. Watching hard working athletes achieve their dreams.”

Victoria Beckham, English fashion designer, businesswoman and Spice Girls singer – “Photo taken JUST off stage and totally overwhelmed. Thank you so much to all of our AMAZING fans, I love u,VB x”

George Michael, English musician – “THANK YOU! OMG!!!“