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Syria refugees in Jordan complain of poor conditions

Syria refugees in Jordan complain of poor conditions
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With growing numbers of Syrians fleeing abroad to escape the conflict at home, it is leading to tension on the borders with neighbouring countries.

Refugees at the Zaatari camp in Jordan held a rally against President al-Assad and to demand better conditions.

They are struggling with temperatures of 40 degrees and strong dusty winds, making life especially difficult for children and the elderly.

“Are we animals or humans? Is this a life we’re living here? Yesterday a child died from dust. Is this a life? Why is everyone silent?” cried one man.

With hundreds of asylum seekers arriving every day. the camp’s population of 3000 looks set to swell significantly.

The UN says nearly 150,000 refugees have registered in four countries bordering Syria since the conflict began. The actual number who have fled is estimated to be much higher.

Rising violence in Aleppo has sent more and more people fleeing towards nearby Turkey, which is preparing new sites to receive them.