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Syria: Aleppo bloodshed

Syria: Aleppo bloodshed
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The bloody battle in Aleppo has been the centre of the world’s attention this week. There is increasing insecurity in Syria and hospitals can hardly deal with the number of casualties. Perspectives looks at how the battle has been covered across Europe, starting with RSI from Switzerland, who visited an Aleppo hospital.

Next, France 2 visited a makeshift prison inside a school where rebel fighters were holding government troops. They found out what would be the fate of the soldiers who had committed atrocities during the fighting.

Meanwhile France 3 followed a detachment of French medical workers and military personnel who were deployed to the Syrian-Jordanian border, to help people fleeing the violence.

Finally Italy’s RAI 3 had the story of the hundreds of refugees travelling on boats to Italy to seek asylum away from the dreadful conditions back home.