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The Olympic gold rush

The Olympic gold rush
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Team GB has so far scooped more than 20 Olympic gold medals in London, leaving British fans with much to celebrate.

In the early days of the Games, the top prize was much lighter and made of solid gold – unlike today.

Nick Hungerford’s family boasts two Olympic medal winners. His great grandfather received one of the last solid gold awards, for hockey at the 1908 London Olympics.

Euronews London correspondent Ali Sheikholeslami spoke to Nick about the significance of the medal, which remains in his family.

“The first time that our family was involved in the Olympics was in 1908. My great grandfather Percy Rees was a part of the Great Britain field hockey team that won gold at the London Olympics,” Nick said.

“That’s obviously very special because we are back in London now for the Olympics and although it was a rather different time then, Britain had over a quarter of the athletes competing, it’s still a remarkable achievement. Very, very proud of him,” he continued.

“This medal is very special because it was only the second time that gold medals had been given out. We can see a picture (on one side of the medal) of two women giving a wreath to a man and this side depicts what Hercules decided would be a great picture to show a running race that honoured the great god Zeus.”

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