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Damascus keeps a close eye on Aleppo

Damascus keeps a close eye on Aleppo
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Syrian government forces have taken control of the southern Salaheddine district of Aleppo according to state media.

It is being reported that most of the rebels are either dead or have fled to other parts of the city.

Though information coming out of Syria is hard to verify.

Our correspondent Bora Bayraktar is in the capital Damascus:

“ Tension is high in Damascus, Assad supporters have been waiting for the regime to make a key move and that move is the operation in Aleppo.
Assad’s public have been hoping the military assault, will finally bring to an end to the uprising that has been going on since March last year and with it a return to stability.
Many believe if the fighting in Aleppo continues then Damascus will be next. Supporters of Assad want a decisive victory in Aleppo to resolve the problem. Security is tight in Damascus with lots of checkpoints, especially around government buildings. Members of the state security are carrying out on the spot searches and checking papers.”