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US: Same-sex kiss-in as 'fast food war' over gay marriage hots up

US: Same-sex kiss-in as 'fast food war' over gay marriage hots up
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Supporters of gay marriage have staged kiss-ins outside a US fast food chain after its boss said he backed “the biblical definition of the family unit”.

Same-sex smooching outside Chick-fil-A was a challenge to company president Dan Cathy and customers who answered a call to eat at his outlets in defence of his comments.

“It’s horrible. It’s odious and it’s filled with nothing but hate and anger and intolerance for something that really doesn’t even affect their lives,” said same-sex marriage supporter Steve Lanasa, outside a Chick-fil-A outlet in Los Angeles.

Chick fil-A has become a battleground in a test of wills between the anti- and pro-gay marriage lobby.
On Friday, rival demonstrators turned out to back the fast food boss who had dubbed supporters of gay marriage “arrogant”.

“His message came from a Christian heart and a belief that he believes in the lord, God. And that’s his belief and he stood up for it and I respect him a lot. And I’m supporting him here today because of that,” said Dan Cathy supporter Carolyn Sasson.

As some called for a boycott of the chain, tucking into a chicken sandwich has never been quite so controversial.