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Give us guns say Syrian refugees in Turkey

Give us guns say Syrian refugees in Turkey
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Syrian refugees in Turkey, Ankara’s sabre-rattling and UN resolutions notwithstanding, are sceptical there is to be any improvement in their situation any time soon.

The latest General Assembly declaration reiterates the first step to ending violence must be taken by the Syrian authorities. Fat chance says this man in Kilis camp.

“Had the 133 countries really condemned the fascist regime they would have produced a united resolution when tanks and planes were bombing us. They poke fun at the Syrian people. There will be no benefits from Friday’s resolution.”

Another man agreed:
“Thank God, from day one we have depended on God and ourselves. God willing the FSA will win soon. Thank God we hold 50% of Aleppo. We don’t need the UN, we will win, God willing.”

In Hatay camp, one of eight along the Turko-Syrian border housing nearly 45,000 refugees, the mood is dark. For many diplomacy has utterly failed, and it is time to take a more militant path.

“These are all empty promises. we need weapons, we need weapons heavy enough to fight against Assad because we do not have enough weapons,” said one young man.

Yet these are the lucky ones. The UN estimates there are a million and a half displaced persons within Syria who are currently homeless, and in total over 132,000 who have fled across neighbouring borders.