Syria conflict: Tactics on both sides in spotlight

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Syria conflict: Tactics on both sides in spotlight

Syria conflict: Tactics on both sides in spotlight
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As the bloodshed continues in Syria, there is growing debate about the tactics being used by both sides in the conflict.

Human rights activists say the recent, alleged execution of supporters of President Bashar al-Assad, in Aleppo, appeared to constitute a war crime.

Members of the Free Syrian Army are said to have carried out the killings.

If true, it suggests rebel forces are using the same violent methods that Syrian government forces are accused of adopting – and for which they have been condemned.

One military chief, who has defected, is defending the Free Syrian Army, saying it abides by international rules.

“I can’t lay responsibility on any one element of the Free Army for doing wrong,” said Abdulrazzak Aslan, a defected Brigadier General.

“But if there are grey areas, it’s because the armed, regime supporters have committed massacres against their own people.”

Fighting has intensified in Aleppo. On Thursday, rebels apparently turned the gun of a captured tank against government forces.

Assad’s troops meanwhile bombarded one district with tank and artillery fire supported
by combat aircraft.