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'No non-Greeks!' - Athens' exclusive food bank

'No non-Greeks!' - Athens' exclusive food bank
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Greece’s neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has begun handing out food right next to the parliament building in Athens, but only to Greek citizens.

The extreme-right party says it is responding to a deepening financial crisis. Critics say the move is just a cynical PR stunt.

Party volunteers have set up stalls to distribute tinned and packet food. Hundreds of people queued for vouchers on Wednesday. But workers checked identity cards to ensure only Greeks received assistance. Non-Greeks were told they were not welcome.

One recipient, known only as Kostas, revealed why he needed support from the food bank.

“I am unemployed, as you can see. I was fired from the security firm I worked at, and they owe me wages,” he said.

Golden Dawn caused a shock when it won 18 seats in Greece’s re-election in June.

It says its charity work is funded from the state allowance given to all political parties.