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Power cut causes chaos in northern India

Power cut causes chaos in northern India
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India’s northern power grid crashed on Monday, halting hundreds of trains during the morning commute and leaving 370 million people sweltering in the summer heat.

It was one of the worst blackouts to hit the country in a decade.

According to officials, the grid buckled under pressure. However, at this stage, the government is not so sure.

“It cannot be said at this moment if it is due to overdrawing or whether it is connectivity or any other reason,” said Sushil Kumar Shinde, India’s Power Minister.

“We will have to go into the details and that is the reason I have appointed a three-man committee. Those are very important people, they monitor day-to-day electricity,” he continued.

The lights went out in Delhi and seven states in the early hours. Initial investigations suggest a possible fault near the city of Agra.

By late morning, supplies had been restored to more than half of those affected.

The blackout has highlighted India’s inability to feed a surging hunger for electricity, as it strives to become a regional economic power.