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Apple and Samsung battle goes to court

Apple and Samsung battle goes to court
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A court in California has become the focal point of the long-running Apple versus Samsung battle as jury selection began.

The two technology giants go head-to-head over patent violations, with Apple accusing Samsung of copying their iPhone and iPad models.

The phones are critical to the development of both Apple, based in Silicon Valley, and South Korea’s Samsung. Up for grabs is a dominant share of the smartphone market.

Apple’s iOS operating system currently enjoys a 19.2 percent bite of the smartphone market, whilst Samsung, which runs on Google’s Android operating system, claims a 30.5 percent slice of the pie.

Apple’s central argument is that Samsung wilfully infringed their intellectual property rights, but Samsung contends that Apple is being anti-competitive in order to maintain “exorbitant” profit.

All eyes now rest on the 10-member jury, who will have to reach a unanimous decision to settle the dispute. Their decision could reshape not just the smartphone, but by extension, the tablet market also.