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World's 'oldest bra' reveals underwear secrets

World's 'oldest bra' reveals underwear secrets
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Archaeologists say a long-lost wardrobe uncovered at Lengberg Castle in Austria’s eastern Tyrol has revealed important new information… about the way women dressed in the Middle Ages.

Hundreds of old fragments of clothing were found in a vault.

Looking slightly tatty but otherwise resembling its modern day equivalent, a bra was singled out for display.

It dates from the 15th century – suggesting bras were worn 400 years earlier than previously thought.

“Everyday clothes were mostly thrown away. (Normally) you hardly find anything complete, only at excavations. This is a great glimpse into life in the Middle Ages,” said Beatrix Nutz, the archaeologist who found the haul.

Until now it was thought that bras emerged only when they began replacing corsets in the 19th century.

The clothes were found four years ago but research and carbon dating took time.

A museum curator described the finds as “amazing” and a “missing link” in the history of women’s underwear.