Paleo Music Festival hosts the old and the new

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Paleo Music Festival hosts the old and the new

Paleo Music Festival hosts the old and the new
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French rock band “Dionysos” from Valence performed at this year’s music festival Paleo in the Swiss city of Nyon – with founder and frontman Mathias Malzieu enjoying a spot of crowd-surfing.

Dionysos is touring France until the end of the year to promote their latest album “Bird ‘n’ Roll”,
which is the band’s 7th studio album.

And The Cure proved they could still mix it with the best of them by turning up. Robert Smith is the band’s lead singer, guitar player and principal songwriter – and its only constant member since the start back in 1976. Over the summer, the band will play some festivals but Robert Smith said there was no new material in the pipeline: “There is no new record, but it doesn’t really matter. I just like the idea of playing some shows, maybe it isn’t strange but I enjoy what I do.”

“Caravan Palace” is a French electro-swing and gypsy-jazz band from Paris. They have just released a new album called “Panic!” with touches of electro-swing, 1930s and 40s gypsy-tainted jazz, pop and even some ragga.

“Le Trio Joubran” is a Palestinian oud trio from Nazareth. The three brothers come from a well-known artistic family. Their mother was a singer and their father is among the most renowned stringed-instrument makers in the Arab world.

Samir, the eldest, spoke to Euronews about the oud: “This is basically the original instrument of all the instruments that you have. This is the father of the guitar; the father of the mandolin, the age of this instrument is more then 4,500 years. And from this instrument we have the lute, then the luthier who makes all instruments, even violins.”

The more contemporary Balkan Beat Box (BBB) is an American-Israeli musical group which plays Mediterranean-influenced music incorporating Balkan and Middle eastern traditions, gypsy punk and electronica.

Balkan Beat Box are touring Europe throughout the summer.

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