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Batman star visits Aurora victims

Batman star visits Aurora victims
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Star of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Christian Bale has visited the memorial outside the Aurora cinema where 12 were killed and 58 injured during a screening of the film last Friday.

Fears of copycat attacks have done little to dent the box office takings. As the third largest opening in cinema history some are now questioning Hollywood’s morality.

“Hollywood doesn’t seem to have any guidance. The only guidance seems to be the market value. In other words, all production is based on market discipline…In terms of Hollywood production trends it may change over time. However, Hollywood will only pursue the largest profits.”

50 The Colorado shooting has also reopened the long-running gun control debate in the US, and it’s proving to be a hot potato in the presidential campaign.

54 SOT Martha Stewart “Well, it’s happened before hasn’t it? And I totally agree with Mayor Bloomberg about it. Bloomberg is my friend, and I totally support what he is saying: that we have two men running for president, neither of whom has said anything about gun control and it’s very necessary in this world, where things are accessible – bad things are accessible – to put some curbs on that.”

1.11 Premieres of the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ have been pulled across the world. A Batman comic due to be released was also delayed due to “content that may be perceived as insensitive in light of recent events”.

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