Drinking to make music

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Drinking to make music

Drinking to make music
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The so called “GlassBlowSing-Quintet” from Berlin relies entirely on empty bottles made of glass or plastic for instruments to make their music. This transforms Mozart’s famous “Turkish March” for example, into a completely new experience of sound and vision.

Peter, one of the band members told Euronews:
“Its not about the instrument a single member happens to be playing because we’re all really one instrument, meaning we have to focus on the group interaction more. And once we all play together it really has to groove for it to sound right. Everyone plays together rather than just playing for yourself.”

In the beginning, the band started their project only by playing on the streets of Berlin. In 2003 they finally dared to step onstage and very soon began touring Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Since 2006 the band has become their main profession.

Fritze, another band member said:
“Sure, we can live off it, not from the bottle deposit though, but from the entrance fee people pay to see us in the theatre.”

Their music programmes are called “Songs on empties” and “No power to the cans” to name but a few. And their repertoire swings from classical pieces and movie theme songs to pop and rock.

When choosing a song the “GlassBlowSing-Quintet” has to first make sure that it is playable: if a song has too many chords it’s hard to play as each band member can only hold a maximum of six bottles.

But the key ingredient for all five band members remains the fun factor: those bottles don’t empty themselves after all.

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