Fukushima probe delivers damning verdict

Fukushima probe delivers damning verdict
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The Fukushima probe panel has handed down a damning conclusion on the handling of the disaster in its final report released on Monday in Japan.

The Japanese government and TEPCO, the company running the Fukushima plant, have found themselves in the firing line for mismanagement.

Accident preparations were deemed ‘insufficient’ whilst the crisis response was ‘inadequate’ in a disaster-prone nation like Japan.

Panel member, Toshio Takano called into question the abilities of those managing the Fukushima plant.

“When and if a disaster strikes, it becomes necessary to make decisions in harsh and extreme conditions. If one is not prepared to do this, then I don’t believe that one has the qualifications to run nuclear power plants,” he said.

Recommendations were made for all nuclear sites to conduct stringent risk analysis of their facilities.

Two reactors have recently reopened, which critics say do not meet safety criteria announced in April.

TEPCO remains subject to scrutiny following news this weekend of an alleged cover-up. The government is currently investigating claims of doctored radiation levels at the Fukushima site.