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Mourners gather for those killed at Batman screening

Mourners gather for those killed at Batman screening
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Mourners have been gathering in the Denver suburb of Aurora to remember the twelve people killed at a midnight showing of the new Batman film – ‘The Dark Knight Rises.’

A man walked into a cinema suburban multiplex in black body armour and a gas mask, tossing smoke bombs into the audience before firing shots.

The attack left around 60 others wounded – 11 of them are in a critical condition.

Aaron Bennett, one of the mourners said:
“By coming out here to show our support for the families that lost people and who have been injured, it allows us to take back our city, and not become victims ourselves by allowing one person to prey on innocent men, women and children.”

James Holmes, the man accused of the shooting was taken into custody shortly after the attack.

The 24-year-old bought a number of weapons legally, including a 12-gauge shotgun and 6,000 rounds of ammunition in the last 60 days.

Police are carrying out a delicate operation to detonate what they’re calling a sophisticated booby-trap after finding a set of explosives at his home.

Aurora Police Chief, Dan Oates, said: “I’ve seen a lot of bomb stuff. I’ve seen an awful lot of wires, trip wires, jars full of ammunition, jars full of liquid, some things that look like mortar rounds, we have a lot of challenges to get in there safely.”

Security has been stepped up at cinemas showing ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – however the shootings have done little to deter fans, the film
currently boasts the second biggest midnight opening at the American box office.