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Strike at Syria regime brings fears of retaliation

Strike at Syria regime brings fears of retaliation
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Damascus is in a state of high tension following Wednesday’s fatal strike at the heart of the regime.

There are fears that President al-Assad’s forces may provoke a bloodbath by retaliating with unprecedented force on areas where rebels have been active.

Since the attack more fighting has been reported in the Syrian capital, the rebels apparently galvanised by the news that several of Assad’s inner circle had been killed.

Fierce clashes were reported on Wednesday night in two central neighbourhoods. In another area a police station came under rebel attack.

Observers estimate that more than 200 people were killed in violence across the country.

A swirl of rumours is sweeping Damascus, about possible imminent attacks, and about Wednesday’s strike at the regime.

A lack of any visible damage to the security building and the president’s non-appearance afterwards have given rise to numerous conspiracy theories.