Ten memorable Olympic moments

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Ten memorable Olympic moments

Ten memorable Olympic moments
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What are your favourite sporting moments from the Summer Olympic Games? euronews has selected for you 10 examples of extraordinary Olympic achievement to accompany our coverage of the London Games.

1968: Bob Beamon’s freak « Jump of the Century »
The thin air at Mexico City’s high altitude Olympic stadium was great news for sprinters, throwers and jumpers. In the Long Jump Bob Beamon smashed the world record by 55cm, setting a distance of 8.90 metres that would not be bettered for 23 years.

2008: Nobody gets close to ‘Lightning’ Bolt
Usain Bolt stole the show on the track in Beijing, sprinting his way to 3 Golds and 3 world records in the 100 and 200 metres as well as the team 4×100metres relay. Here is the 100m, which Bolt ran in 9.68 seconds even after appearing to take his foot off the gas in the closing metres.

1976: Comaneci achieves gymnastic perfection
In Montreal in 1976, Romania’s Nadia Comaneci did what no other gymnast had done before: she was awarded a perfect 10 out of 10 in the uneven parallel bars. Not even the scoreboard was ready for such an achievement. Comaneci was to be given six more maximum scores at the 1976 Games.

1996: Michael Johnson powers to 200m world record
In Atlanta ’96, American sprinter Michael Johnson powered to Gold in the 200m and 400m events, setting a world record time of 19.32 seconds.

1972 Olga Korbut changes the face of gymnastics
Four years before Nadia Comaneci’s ‘Perfect 10’, Russian gymnast Olga Korbut sent the audience into raptures with a daring, astonishing performance on the uneven bars. When the judges gave her 9.8, the crowd booed and jeered, convinced that Korbut should have been given 10 out of 10.

1984: Carl Lewis does a Jesse Owens
Over the course of his career, Carl Lewis of the USA racked up a total of nine Golds and one Silver medal. Four Golds came in Los Angeles in 1984, where Lewis repeated the feat of Jesse Owens 48 years earlier by winning the 100m, 200m, 4×100m relay and Long Jump. here is his 100 metre sprint.

2008: Phelps gets lucky break on record Gold run
Swimmer Michael Phelps, having already won six Golds and two Silvers in 2004, came to Beijing four years later with the target of Golds in each of the eight events he was to compete. Amazingly he did it, although only just. His 200 metre Butterfly victory came by just one hundredth of a second.

2000: High Five for rower Redgrave
Becoming an Olympic rowing champion requires a training regime that pushes the body to its very limits. Becoming Olympic rowing champion at five consecutive Games means pushing the body to the point of exhaustion constantly for a period of 20 years. In Sydney in 2000, having already asked interviewers four years earlier to “shoot him” if they saw him near a boat again, Steve Redgrave won his rowing Gold #5.

1972 Spitz on fire
Mark Spitz was the Michael Phelps of his day. In 1972 in Munich he won seven Gold medals in the pool, setting a new world record with each medal.

1992 Post-Apartheid Africa unites
South Africa was allowed back into the Olympics in 1992 after scrapping its apartheid system. When Ethiopia’s Derartu Tulu won the women’s 10,000 metres she waited at the finish line for her closest rival, white South African Elana Meyer, the pair joined hands for a joint lap of honour that symbolised the hopes of a new post-apartheid Africa.