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Poland cleans up after devastating tornadoes

Poland cleans up after devastating tornadoes
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Weather forecasters have predicted more storms of the kind that has seen a wave of freak tornadoes devastate parts of Poland.

A major clean-up operation is now underway in the north and west of the country, in the wake of the destruction that killed one person and injured another 10.

The tornadoes, which have been seen before in Poland, have been particularly damaging this year.

The Baltic region of Pomerania and two neighbouring provinces were the hardest hit.

In the northern town of Sztum, one passed through a populated area, spreading debris far and wide.

A 60-year-old man was reported killed after being crushed by his own house which collapsed.

A couple and their baby were taken to hospital after the caravan in which they were sleeping was destroyed.

An area including a national park was hit by a tornado said to be almost one kilometre wide.

In all, the winds destroyed 100 houses, and ripped up power lines and trees, flattening 400 hectares of woodland.

Around 1,200 rescuers having been working around the clock to remove fallen trees.

Roads were closed and rail services disrupted.