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Huge anti-nuclear rally as Japan government restarts reactors

Huge anti-nuclear rally as Japan government restarts reactors
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An estimated 170,000 people took to the streets of Tokyo demanding an end to nuclear power in Japan.

Organisers are calling this one of the biggest rallies in a recent series, as protesters recall the meltdown at the Fukushima plant last year. The disaster, caused by an earthquake and tsunami, was the worst of its kind for a generation.

Explaining why she felt it was important to take part in the demonstration, one woman said: “Japan is a earthquake-prone country, so it could be decimated if something goes wrong. That’s why I decided to come out and join the rally to show that I’m opposed to nuclear power.”

“These kind of plants carry too many risks, so things that can’t be properly and completely controlled by humans shouldn’t be used,” said another man during the protest.

The demonstrations come as the Japanese government restarts a reactor, and prepares to recommission a second one, both of which had been shut down after the Fukushima disaster.

All 50 of the country’s nuclear reactors had been out of use since the meltdown.