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Ukraine: doctors & supporters cry foul over Tymoschenko treatment

Ukraine: doctors & supporters cry foul over Tymoschenko treatment
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Citing health reasons, a judge has postponed the trial during which former Ukrainian prime minister Yulia Tymoschenko will face charges of tax evasion.

Protesters are angry at the treatment of the jailed ex-premier and are accusing President Viktor Yanukovich of politically-motivated prosecutions.

Tymoschenko has already been found guilty of abuse-of-office and sentenced to seven years in prison, but the European Court of Human Rights will consider an appeal by her next month.

“Yanukovich is extremely scared of having Yulia Tymoshenko’s case reviewed in the European Court of Human Rights on August 28. He’s doing everything he can, including using her health condition, in order to delay the review and slow down the hearing of her case in a higher specialised court,” said Tymoschenko’s lawyer Sergei Vlasenko.

A group of doctors from the hospital where Tymoschenko is being treated rallied outside the German embassy in Kiev, protesting against German doctors being brought in to see her. They also claim the foreign medics have not had any success in treating her back problems.

“Maybe it’s a question of professional dignity for them – they’ll be able to do what the Germans can’t,” said one passerby.

Another man seemed sceptical: “I don’t trust doctors who show up at the embassy with political questions – it’s just a performance.”

The protesting doctors from the Kharkiv Medical Scientific Society also say the German doctors will not meet with them.

There has been no official response from the embassy.