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London's Eastenders try to block Olympic missiles

London's Eastenders try to block Olympic missiles
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The British Ministry of Defence has been taken to court for putting anti-aircraft defences for the Olympics in public spaces London’s east end.

It found some ideal high, unobstructed sites, but putting missiles on tower block roofs and in public parks got the locals seething. They have taken legal action.

“What’s really at play here is the right to live freely in a free society, because if this case is unsuccessful it would set a precedent which would mean that the Ministry of Defence could come to your home, to anyone’s home and install military hardware on your roof or on your lawn without ever asking you,” said a lawyer acting for the protesting locals, David Enright.

Residents are hoping that their legal challenge will be upheld when the court makes its ruling, expected on Tuesday. They are angry at the lack of consultation, and the fact that no-one has told them what will happen if their homes become targets as a result of the deployments.

If the legal bid fails, then maybe in true East End style a few local geezers could sort it all out… for a small consideration.