Count Dracula takes on a new dimension in 3D

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Count Dracula takes on a new dimension in 3D

Count Dracula takes on a new dimension in 3D
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Italian master of horror Dario Argento presented his latest movie ‘Dracula 3D’ at the Midnight Screening section of the 47th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

He decided the story needed to get back to its Gothic origins. And in his surreal imagination the count gains an added dimension – as did the picture itself: stereoscopic 3D.

“The new 3D is different, the old 3D was not perfect, it was a pain on the eyes. Now it’s good. Then I wanted to see Dracula with a distance, with a depth,” explained the screenwriter and director.

A substantial dose of horrors, just as the Italian master has been serving up for years to his appreciative fans, are there in spades in this film.

Argento’s 3D take on the Bram Stoker classic features Thomas Kretschmann, Asia Argento and Rutger Hauer in the leading roles.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics though his efforts were pretty much respected in traditional bastions of the horror genre, such as Germany and Japan.

“Horror films today, it is different. In the US it’s not good , it is bad, it’s just for money, just commercial. It’s awful. It’s interesting in the Orient – in South Korea, in Japan, in Taiwan – because it’s true. The Asian filmmakers want to explore the story of the ghosts, something psychological, really,” he said.

Argento has long been a major influence in the horror genre and has been a source of inspiration for successful filmmakers, particularly Quentin Tarantino.

Argento’s 3D Dracula is expected to be released in Europe by the end of the year.

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