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Rio-Paris downed by equipment and pilot failure

Rio-Paris downed by equipment and pilot failure
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The official inquiry into the ill-fated flight AF 447 from Rio to Paris, which crashed in 2009 with the loss of all 228 people on board, has reported its final findings.

It concludes the Airbus A330 was brought down via a mixture of pilot and equipment error, with vital air speed sensors failing, and pilots either being untrained in several emergency procedures, or failing to apply those that were standard practice.

The inquiry makes 25 recommendations to prevent this sort of accident happening again.

“When the autopilot cut out, the pilot is heard to say ‘I have the controls’. But he overcorrected his course, and pulled too hard on the stick – but then, pilots get no high-altitude manual flight training,” said inquiry head Alain Brouillard.

Among the inquiry’s recommendations is better pilot training, cabin design, feedback from experienced pilots, and a general overhaul of how France’s airline and aviation industries are supervised.