No Drift in Ice Age's winning formula

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No Drift in Ice Age's winning formula

No Drift in Ice Age's winning formula
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Some of the voices may have changed but the characters of ‘Ice Age 4 – Continental Drift’ are still doing the business in cinemas worldwide.

Scrat again triggers disaster with his nut, setting our heroes adrift as their continent shears off into the unknown.

With new characters galore, the directors cast their net wide for talent, taking in R&B stars like Queen Latifah, Nicky Minaj, and Drake.

“You know when you’re starting a fourth movie in a franchise, what’s the fresh element going to be? What’s the unique thing you can bring to the project and so these people we got, Jennifer Lopez, Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Keke Palmer, just that they brought more than just one speciality to the table,” said co-director Mike Thurmeier.

Manny is finding it tough being a dad now his daughter, Steffi, is all grown-up. And she is voiced by Nicki Minaj.

“She’s huge but she’s so beautiful. She’s a mammoth of course and she has blond hair and you know she does really cute stuff with her hair, she does her lashes, she loves wearing mascara, and she’s just, you know, she’s cutesy,” said Minaj.

Jennifer Lopez gets all sabre-toothy as her Shira melts the heart of Diego.

“She’s a great character, she’s a strong female lead character in a really, really poignant kind of sweet story about family,” enthused Lopez.

The film also features the voices of Nick Frost, Simon Pegg and Aziz Ansari, and after a strong end-of-June launch in Europe is set to add handsomely to the $2 billion the Ice Age franchise has already made at the worldwide box office.

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