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Syria: Fierce clashes around Damascus

Syria: Fierce clashes around Damascus
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Government forces are battling rebels outside Damascus, activists say, describing it as the worst violence in its suburbs since Syria’s uprising began.

Fighting is now frequent in the capital, once considered a bastion of support for President Assad.

Video shot by anti-government activists purportedly showed renewed bombardments of the city of Homs.
They also reported dozens more deaths nationwide.

Aid workers are trying to get access to Homs to evacuate trapped civilians and those wounded but the Red Cross says negotiations are still underway.

The UN monitoring mission remains suspended. It is considered too dangerous to send teams into the field to supervise a truce that exists on paper only.
It is hoped a meeting in Geneva at the end of the month will decide what to do next.

In the meantime, Syria’s new government has been sworn in. While continuing his crackdown on the revolt, Assad insists he is also pursuing reforms. Critics say most top jobs went to loyalists and power remains in the hands of the President and his inner circle.