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Tomatoes pelted as Kosovo and Serbia talk

Tomatoes pelted as Kosovo and Serbia talk
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Activists and members of the opposition in Kosovo have staged a protest outside a government building, pelting it with rotten tomatoes.

Inside, a delegation led by the European envoy for Pristina Belgrade dialogue, Robert Cooper, was holding talks with representatives from Kosovo and Serbia aimed at normalising relations.

Gllauk Konjufca, an MP from the opposition party, Vetevendosje, said: “What is happening is very harmful and we will continue to strongly oppose the bargaining that is happening with Kosovo’s land, because they (the Kosovo government) are ready to sell northern Kosovo by giving north Kosovo territorial autonomy which will fundamentally harm the sovereignty of our country and it will create a non-functional state which will not prosper.”

Following the meeting, the Kosovo prime minister’s office said “such incidents damage Kosovo’s image.”