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Some sceptical over new government in Greece

Some sceptical over new government in Greece
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With Greece close to bankruptcy, many citizens are sceptical about whether parties that have long dominated domestic politics can turn things around.

Can an old cook book come up with new recipes, some are wondering, as Antonis Samaras takes the helm.

“He belongs to one of the two …parties that basically destroyed Greece with their way of running the country,” one young man in Athens told euronews.

“Nobody trusts him and that’s why most Greeks think… what happened? Why is this party in charge again?”

“I believe that they will make better things for us but they won’t get us out of the mess,” another young man in the Greek capital told us. “It’s very difficult and not in our hands. I believe it’s in the rich countries’ hands.”

A female student was bleak about her prospects.
“Well we’ve just finished school and our education wasn’t the best here in Greece, so we are waiting to go to the university now but we have no future,” she said.

The press is also watching the coalition closely amid Greece’s most severe economic test since World War Two. And with recession, austerity and one in five workers jobless, social tensions continue to rise.