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French scientists' amazing discovery about dead bodies

French scientists' amazing discovery about dead bodies
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A team of French scientists have been able to make human muscle fibres contract when using cells from a dead body to create the tissue. The amazing discovery was made by the Pasteur Institute in Paris.

Researchers collected a few grams of muscles from 16 dead patients who had left their bodies to science. Even up to 17 days after the patients’ had died, scientists found living stem cells.

They then cultivated the cells, allowing them to multiply in their millions, which in turn led to the growth of new muscle cells.

The team hope their find will one day help make bone marrow transplants easier.

The surgery, which is vital for patients with leukemia, is very rare and limited by lack of compatible donors.

Despite being deprived of oxygen, the cells can use their reserves of energy and in effect, go into standby, to withstand the human’s death.