Missile-like breast cancer treatment is on target

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Missile-like breast cancer treatment is on target

Missile-like breast cancer treatment is on target
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A new therapy for treating breast cancer could increase life expectancy by 50 percent for sufferers.

T-DM1 has been praised by cancerologists for its effectiveness at fighting cancer with minimal side-effects.

T-DM1 was developed by an American firm with the Roche group and gives a survival advantage of 65 percent after two years of therapy.

The treatment avoids noxious side effects by giving chemotherapy direct to the tumour cell. When the substances come together, trastuzumab recognises the cancer cell and clings to it. Then DM1, an extremely toxic substance, pours poison onto the tumour, killing the diseased cells.

Professor Xavier Pivot, cancerology unit at the Jean Minjoz University hospital explains:

“The spread of the disease outside the breast is minimal and afterwards, we talk about giving additional treatment – when we do this, it’s only for a very limited time. We cure 8 or 9 out of 10 women with this therapy.”

Anne-Christine Julia is a social worker who’s been taking part in the experimental therapy following a relapse, five years after she first beat breast cancer.

“I use the word remission, I’ve already been through one cancer this is my second so I think I’m in remission, my oncologist says I’m cured.” She said.

According to oncologists, this treatment could pave the way for an arsenal of more effective, less toxic anti-cancer weapons. Launching missile-like cancer fighting agents on target, to beat breast cancer.

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