Queues as Egyptians vote in presidential run-off

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Queues as Egyptians vote in presidential run-off

Queues as Egyptians vote in presidential run-off
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Egyptians have begun voting in a highly-charged presidential election run-off.

They have a choice between a conservative Islamist and a former military chief who was Hosni Mubarak’s last prime minister.

Long queues began forming in front of some polling stations in Cairo. Tens of thousands of soldiers and police have been deployed to assure security.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi is hoping to pull in votes from those worried about a revival of the old regime.

He will become Egypt’s first Islamist president, if the poll goes his way.

He is up against Ahmed Shafiq, who served under Mubarak, and who’s promised stability. But his candidacy has sparked demonstrations.

The election is taking place amid high tension and uncertainty.

The Islamist-dominated parliament has been dissolved and no permanent constitution is in place to define presidential powers.

The ruling military council has promised to hand over control by next month.