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Germany targets radical Islamists in nationwide raids

Germany targets radical Islamists in nationwide raids
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German police have launched a nationwide crackdown on a group of radical Islamists known as Salafists.

Officers raided 70 properties in Berlin, Cologne and other cities.

There are some four thousand Salafists in Germany. They adhere to a hardline interpretation of Sunni Islam.

German authorities believe one Salafist group wanted to establish an Islamic caliphate under Sharia.

Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said the Millatu Ibrahim organisation has now been banned because it is “against our constitutional order and the philosophy of our nations.”

In April, another Salafist group named “The House of Quran” hit the headlines with its vow to distribute 25 million free copies of the Muslim holy book.

The group said it wanted to save non Muslims from hell.

Germany’s interior ministry ruled the move was legal, but ordered intelligence services to actively monitor those involved.