Tunisia: Ben Ali sentenced for inciting murder

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Tunisia: Ben Ali sentenced for inciting murder

Tunisia: Ben Ali sentenced for inciting murder
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A military court has sentenced ousted Tunisian president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali to 20 years in jail in absentia, for inciting violence and murder.

The case relates to the killing of four protesters. They were shot by police as they tried to prevent Ben Ali’s nephew leaving the country during last year’s revolt.

The court also ruled that families of the dead should receive compensation.

“I don’t need any money,” said Fatima Ben Salah, whose son was killed.

“No money will bring my son back. I just want justice for my son.”

Ben Ali fled to Saudia Arabia as protests engulfed Tunisia. He had been in power for more than two decades.

The former strongman has already been sentenced to decades in prison – also in absentia – on charges ranging from corruption to torture.

Last month, a prosecutor demanded that the death penalty be imposed on him.

Saudia Arabia has so far failed to respond to requests for his extradition.