Syrian state TV shows survivors of Wednesday's 'massacre'

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Syrian state TV shows survivors of Wednesday's 'massacre'

Syrian state TV shows survivors of Wednesday's 'massacre'
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Syrian state TV has broadcast a video of a line of dead babies, said to have been killed in Wednesday’s reported massacre at Mazraat al-Qabeer in Hama province.

Scores of people were thought to have died in the attack on a farm near the village.

Syrian activists have accused a government-backed militia. But residents interviewed on state TV blamed armed terrorists for the attacks.

“Around 500 gunmen massacred women, children and men,” said one woman. “They forced us from our land and took our possessions; they took everything.”

If confirmed by UN observers in Syria, the killings in Mazraat al-Qabeer would be the second massacre within two weeks.

In the capital Damascus, two people were killed when a car bomb exploded in a city suburb. It was aimed at a bus carrying security men.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported that a second car bomb hit a police branch in the northwestern city of Idlib, killing at least five people.

Elsewhere in the country, unverified video from the town of Talbisah near Homs purportedly showed injured people arriving at a medical centre after being caught up in the latest violence. One of them is a young baby who appears to have suffered a head injury.

Activists said Syrian forces shelled and then tried to storm the rebel-held district of Khalidiya in the central city of Homs, a key base for the uprising.