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Plan B releases 'rap musical'

Plan B releases 'rap musical'
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The directorial debut of musician and actor, Plan B has been released. The film is an eye opening portrait of crime on the streets of Britain, and depicts prostitution, drug abuse, violence and gang culture. ‘Ill Manors’ traces the origins of the problems these people find themselves in.

Plan B whose real name is Ben Drew wrote the film based partly on his own life experience, growing up on a London estate. He says that the film is an accurate depiction of life in some areas of the capital:

“If you watch this film and you really feel something when you watch it and you feel something for the characters and enough people are telling you ‘this is quite an accurate portrayal of what goes on’ and hopefully that is going to make people want to change the problem. The biggest thing we have to deal with in this country is that the majority of the people that live in this country don’t believe that world exists and these things go on and I think the more that we can force the issue on the people that don’t believe it is going on, the better.”

The film features Riz Ahmed, known for his part in another British flick, ‘four lions’ As a musician and MC himself he says he sees a bright future for Drew as a film director:
“I thought he was fantastic. I think he will go and do more and more films. I think he’s really an actors director as well because he acted himself and you know he’s a natural story teller everyone will know that from his music. He’s a perfectionist, he’s kind of uncompromising in his vision and he’s very detailed and I think those are very important ingredients but most of all he’s a great collaborator with actors.”

The film – which focuses on six characters struggling against crime and violence in London – is already out in the UK and Ireland, and has been widely billed as the first British rap musical. Plan B is promoting a sound track album to go along with the film, also entitled ‘Ill manors’.