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Spanish miners march against spending cuts

Spanish miners march against spending cuts
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Spanish coal miners rallied in Madrid on Thursday to protest against spending cuts in the mining sector.

The government is slashing subsidies to the industry from 300 million euros to 110 million.

Some 8,000 people are employed in the 40 remaining mines across Spain.

The two unions that organised the march said a similar number took part on Thursday.

Felipe Lopez, leader of the Workers Commissions union leader said the miners did not want conflict.

“But we are readly to stick to our guns until we get sufficient guarantees from the government that it will keep the sector alive,” he said.

At least two people were arrested and ten were injured during clashes with police.

Spain’s mining industry has been in decline over the past two decades, with at least 40,000 jobs lost.

That trend is mirrored elsewhere in Western Europe as countries look to tap new energy sources or import cheaper coal from elsewhere.