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Former Colombia senator negotiates FARC freeing of French journalist

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Former Colombia senator negotiates FARC freeing of French journalist
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French president Francois Hollande has sent a high level civil servant to Colombia to help with the release of French journalist Romeo Langlois.

The International Red Cross (ICRC) is coordinating the handover of Langlois by Colombian FARC rebels.

ICRC delegate Daniel Munoz said: “I can confirm that the process for the release will take place on Wednesday 30th (May) as has been announced and communicated to the public.”

FARC insisted on the involvement of the French government delegate and also wanted Colombian former Liberal senator Piedad Cordoba to help with negotiations.

“We are waiting for confirmation regarding the protocol to be followed. It is quite a fast process, as you can understand. By Tuesday at noon, we’ll learn the name of the city where we will have to mobilise, and on Wednesday morning, we’ll learn the coordinates,” Cordoba told reporters.

A Venezuelan television station broadcast the first images of Langlois since he was captured a month ago.

The French journalist was accompanying a mission of Colombian security forces as they tracked FARC members, when a gun battle broke out killing three soldiers and a police official.