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'Flame' virus attacks computers in Middle East

'Flame' virus attacks computers in Middle East
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A sophisticated virus, dubbed ‘Flame,’ is infecting
computers across the Middle East. Security experts think it has been deployed for state-sponsored, cyber espionage.

Analysts in Moscow say they have not yet determined the mission of the virus and who developed it.

“We think that this is one of the rare examples of a cyber weapon and it actually illustrates the fact that there are some cyber warfare operations going on secretly. One of the key features of cyber warfare, as we define it, is its secrecy,” said
Vitaly Kamluk, a software expert at the Kaspersky Labs.

Iran is said to have been worst hit by the virus, followed by Israel and the Palestinian territories.

Flame can gather data files, turn on computer microphones and take screen shots.

Evidence suggests that whoever is behind Flame may have also commissioned the Stuxnet worm, which attacked Iran’s nuclear programme two years ago. Tehran accused the US and Israel of deploying that virus.